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Art and Culture

Rangsdorf has an interesting history. While taking a walk you can discover puzzle pieces of the past, which tell a story about the place, its development and its residents. At the village green and at the new built retirement home, it is possible to find elements of the once existing farm house.


Directly across an art yard is located. At the entrance of the yard are miniatures of the castle “Sansoucci”, the historic mill and the Garrison church in Potsdam. Otto Henning, a Rangsdorfer, manufactured these models in painstaking detail – even true to scale! Unfortunately, the model of the castle “Neu Schwanstein” could not be preserved.


On the road Seebadallee, you can find the “KUNSTFLÜGEL” of the GEDOK Brandenburg e.V. The gallery invites lovers of the arts and cultures to exhibitions, concerts and readings. Most of the time, you can find work from well-known, but also from unknown artists.


The public libraries in Rangsdorf own a balanced media offer and working places with internet access. Visitors can use these places within the opening hours. Regularly the library invites people to readings, lectures and presentations.


Rangsdorf has three evangelical churches, one Catholic Church and one New Apostolic Church. The church services in these five buildings are open for all people.