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Lake "Rangsdorfer See"

Rangsdorf was once considered as the „Lido of South Berlin“. The fine sandy beach at the east side of the lake and the legendary Seebad Casino attract many visitors. Even today, the lake is the jewel of the town – a ideal place for water sports and recreation. Depending on the seasons, swimming, ice-skating, boating, surfing or ice-sailing are possible. 


© picture: S. Jüngst – Lake "Rangsdorfer See" © picture: K. Schulze – Yacht race on the lake "Rangsdorfer See" © picture: S. Jüngst – Hotel "Seehotel Berlin-Rangsdorf" on the lake "Rangsdorfer See"
Impressions of the Lake "Rangsdorfer See"


During the summer months the lido is the venue of concerts and festivities.


The west side of the lake is an international bird sanctuary with thousands of wild geese, grey herons and cranes, which can be observed while making their way in the south before the upcoming winter. A trail with peaceful spots runs along the shore of the lake and these are ideal to linger while bird watching. The trail crosses “Klein Venedig” where the waterfront properties arose in the 1930s as a resourceful businessman created artificial waterways and paths.